All that you rave August 26, 2015 11:49

Hello babes. First post to kick start our online store. :D

So just in case you girls might be interested...i would just like to say, me and my partner are crazy makeup junkies!!! We love to try out new beauty products especially those that have been highly raved about from all over the world. Who doesn't love to look good all the time right????

As such whenever our friends introduce us to a new product we would be stoked to get our hands on them. I already have a few brands in my head right now....heh heh. 

But we will be bringing in bits and pieces of these goodies for the start at affordable prices, hoping to share the love with you girls! There will definitely be more to come and we hope to grow bigger in the upcoming years. Please do leave comments/feedbacks whatsoever if you are looking forward to see a certain brand. Till the next post we do hope to get your support xoxo. <3 shigs