A unique lip product that provides a very long lasting effect while also delivers full nourishment to keep your lips soft and healthy. This lip tight stick gives a pop of vibrant color that is transfer-free and will definitely last the entire day. It’s not only a functional makeup product but also serves as your to-go lip care item with its rich vitamin content derived from natural fruits. This leaves the lips properly hydrated which prevents the lips from chapping and drying.

Wide range of lip colours for you to choose from, for a subtle day look to a seductive night look, you can achieve it with Beauty People Lip Tight Stick. The two range comprises of a silky lip gloss to a matte lip color.


Glow Colors(Gloss):

01 Ann
02 Minky
03 Pippi
04 Candy
05 Betty
11 Netty
12 Cha Cha
13 Anna
14 Sophie
15 Lily
Silky Colors(Matte):
06 Lucy
07 Barbie
08 Wendy 
09 Honey
10 Maetel
16 Aurora
17 Dorothy 
18 Alice
19 Gretel
20 Heidi



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